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The ancient bird warriors

Ancient egyptian symbol of Horus the falcon god

The falcon god on the American modern dollar

Ancient modern world * THE EAGLE ore BIRD WARRIORS *

Ancient Egyptian connections in the modern world.

According to the research of Robert Bauval and Graham Hankock the Egyptian pyramids represents the 3 belt stars in the constellation of Orion.

I think that there are more connections of the ancient Egyptians in our modern world surrounding us.

The first ancient Egypts were the first rulers of Egypt, according to ancient texts the ancient rulers ruled in good fortune for everyone who was in good favour of the Egyptian rulers, and they were brutal for everyone else. They sended out their army's to conquer other tribe's, and put fear in their harts to ensure that they keep the conquered people in line.

One of the ancient texts speaks of the rulers as god and speaking to one of the conquered people” God is good, man s Evil.” This is often repeated in the ancient texts and is also to be found in the modern religiuos texts that say's god is good man is bad.

Many connections with the past are forgotten in these day's, and to many people these connections are absolute fiction, but if you study carefully you can find the same connections in your town as well.

Cosmic Evolution Buildings in cities and a connection with Egyptian Pyramids

In long forgotten day's windows were also called lights and people that created the buildings,

created also some decorations above the windows to remind to 3 lights as well.

These pyramids are known to have a connection with the stars

The cosmc 3 belt stars from Orion projected over the pyramids.

In modern buidings i find here a projection of 3 stars that connects to the pyramids of Egypt.

And again in an other decorations from a buiding.

Some astrological and cosmic connections between Earth and Orion, Star 51 is in the middle and above the 3 stars from Orions belt, and is indicated in ancient texts as an important star.

If these pyramids represents the stars from the constallation of Orion, than the little pyramids are likely representations of planets in orbit of those stars.Probaly to my knowledge points to the origin of the ancient rulers of Egypt.

Upper star called MINTAKA

Middle star called ALNILAM

Lower star called ALNITAK

Also Alnitak has the famous horsehead nebula in its distance

called IC 434 in the picture below.

And above these 3 stars there is a little star called “51”.

Also in modern day buildings you can see decorations that reminds me about the figure of the snake on the head of the Farao.

This figure of the snake can be found in modern architecture

Here a snake like decoration with a symbolical function

Again but a little different in style

Later the decoration was changed and got a more practical function

Here the snake like decoration is replaced by a tackle

Also the ancient Egyptian eye of Horus, ore the all seeing eye is present in nowadays architecture

The original eye of Horus

A drawing from a window in modern day architecture

A symbolic eye of Horus looking out into the world.

And here above a window sculpted in a modern way.

The eye of Horus in a modern flyer for a dance party

The eye in advertising campain

The eye in modern art.