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De mythe van Atlantis ontsluiert. *( via Plato Kirchener, Schlieman, naar het nu )

Page 1 Atlantis “The creation of a myth”

During the period of the making of the “Atlantiz” music-album, Sven did some research about ancient myths and stories about “Atlantis”.

On the internet he searched for information and he founded many old maps from what we think is Atlantis.

Atlantis a continent between Europa and America?

After putting all those maps into a timeline, he also discovered that some maps show the “Antarctic” region of the Earth, before it was discovered in 1773.

Also he founded that many cartographers copied part of maps from other maps and painted the maps in a style which was most common for that time period.

The main map that was responsible for the formation of the myth of Atlantis being a landmass between Europe and America was the map of "Anthanasius Kirchener" ( drawn in 1669 )

This map is recreated on the art cover of the CD “Atlantiz”.

On the original Map Kirchener wrote the words Insula Atlantis, America, Africa and Hispania on the parts of landmasses that were visible on his map.

Also he put America on the left side an Hispania and Africa on the right side of the map, putting also an arrow on the map directed to the north.( downwards )

Most of these drawings were recreated on Sven’s art-coverdesign but Sven put the map in the right perspective.( like the name's Australia, south America, Antarctica )

Sven Also had a small globe, he photographed the Antarctic region and saw clearly that from a certain point the Australian landmass creating an image that had

many similarities like the landmass of Hispania and Africa on the Kirchener map.

Also the icemass of today, is less than the icemass on the Kirchener map.

This convinced Sven that the map showed Antarctica and part of Australia.

On this picture taken from a modern day computer game we can also see these same features back.

Australia looks like two different landmasses , and if we know that the icemass change over the years,

we see that Antarctica has different shapes in different maps.

So Sven is very much convinced that the “ Kirchener” map was wrongly interpreted,by people who were not familiar with the Antarctic region at that time.

Antarctica was discovered in 1773 and it is a mystery how Athanasius could have drawn that picture.

This education will take you on a logical tour, on how to interpret thes old maps

and how to see our history with renewed eye's.

The real Atlantis that is lost is the civilisation that was there long before christ.

Not a landmass that dissapeared in the sea.

We hope you can follow our steps, towards a better understanding of our past.

Map of Orontius Finaeus 1531 shows also Antarctica and part of South America.

We can say this is what the map texts should be.

Reading in the middle of the map “Antarctica” on the right “America”

and on the left “Australia”

The main question remains: how could this map be there when this landmass hadn't been discovered

at that time?

I think that we rediscovered this land, for in our time there was a long time a mystery about the great south land, ore terra incognita.

These discoveries that Sven did surfing around on the internet are part now of the musical story of “Atlantiz” part 1 “ The creation of a myth”.

Atlantiz part II

Soon Available

Atlantiz Part I

After 3 years of study now part II of Atlantis is finnished

Long time “Antarctica was called the great unknown southland,

So the question is how could Athanasius Kirchener draw this map from an undiscovered country?

Perhaps he copie'd from some original other map but didn't understand wat he was copying.

My view of the myth of “Atlantis” has changed where it first was a myth about a landmass ore city that dissapeared under water,

is now an old story of the rediscovery of “Antarctica” witch was discribed on the “Athanasius map” as “insula Atlantis”.

The map of “Athanasius Kircher” shows the Earth view from the south pole.


My opinion is that before we had our scientific technological advanced civilisation there was another civilisation that was also technological advanced.

This civilisation had the scientific knowledge to create maps but that knowledge was lost during later periods, but cartographers used the old maps to draw from.


There are more very old maps and we want to put them in another new logical perspective.

These are some of the old maps

^N.( Up).......S. (to the right)






Old VIKING map Europe Asia Africa

The map is dated 1000 AD and is said to be made by the Viking discoverers.

A map of Europe, Africa, Asia drawn

By Andrea Bianco 1436 ad A venetian sailor.

The map left interpreted in an other time and with less details.1400?

South is down

Same map By Cotton 1025 - 1050 AD

North is up South is down

Orontius Finaeus map drawn in 1531 with Antarctica on the right.


These rounded maps gave birth to the idea that the Earth was a flat pancake.

I think that there were several old maps that are from an ancient civilisation and that survived in our time.

In my opinion the main map ore one of the originals is the map from 1000AD.

This map shows Europe centered and the rest of the landmasses in a strange way.

Also we see a part of Asia and a part of Africa as well.

Africa is strangly bent to the right, as if it were a part of a globe that

was projected on a flat piece of paper.

We see Arabia folded also to the right.

Picture from our old globe.

This is what the map should be if we stretch out the map more ore less in our modern day style maps.

< Arabia.

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More from this project will follow.