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Elongated skulls, one of the missing links in human development.

Ancient Skulls connected raw research

Much has been written about the elongated skuls, and much is not known. Today the mystery is still unsolved.

The past few years i had the time to think about that mystery, and with the musical project” The Earth Mars Connection” i had the pleasure of doing further explorations on this theme.

On a website that deals with several on Mars discovered so called “ anomalies” i found a mask, and on other webpages, i stumbled across strange clay figure's. What struck me thru the years was that many persons did their own investigation, and that logic connections between seemingly different things were disgarded, ore were completely overlooked.To me the answers are right there in front of our nose's, if you know how to look at things. Einstein called it the altitude of a child, who has never seen anything and discover the world. A child sees things as they are, not unlike the adults, who want to see the world as we have been told.

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First i want to take a look at the different figure's, seperately, after that i put the different parts together to make clear how the individual pieces fit together, and today are still a part of our human history. It is almost likely to discover some dinosour bone's that havn't been discovered yet, but that ads to the history of the devellopment of the dinosours, : in this case that ads to the history of mankind.

Afb. 1 Elongated Skull

Afb.2 Clay figures

Afb.3 Mask from Ubeid ( Irak )

What do these figures have in common?

Lets take a look.

Study of the skull and clay figure. {observation }

1If we first take a look at the elongated skull and find the most significant features. If we observe closely and carefully, than we find the following At point [A] we can see a curve, possible a juncture for muscles ore cartilage. The teeth are in front of the jaw[ B] and they are somewhat bent foreward. The teeth are arranged in an other fashion than our denture. On the forehead [C] you can see 2 lobs, wich seem to shade of into a kind of hole at the region of the eyebrouw [D].

2 If we take a look at the clay-figure' we see that there are a lot of details, if we take a closer look at the head, in comparison to the skull, than we can observe the following.
At point [A] There is tissue above and around the eye's, could be cartilage, curved from the forehead towards the upper jaw. The mouth is relatively small [B] and you can see some kind of lobes on the forehead [C] Also some kind of hole can bee seen on the forehead, and between the eye's ( possible nostrils [D] There are no nostrils placed above the mouth as we have.

3 As we are putting the skull and head of the clay-figure together we can see that the proportions are equal. The Juncture for muscle ore cartilage is on the right place on the skull, and the hight of the eye soccets in the skull and the eye's in the clayfigure are equal. Also the place of the nostrills on the clayfigure can be seen on the skull, where the hole is.

Provisional conclusion, i think we can safely conclude that the clay-figure is portretting the being, where the skull is from.

If these beings are from outside the Earth, is a question for later study.

Study of the facial protection mask of these creature's.

If we look at the most significant features of the mask than we can find the following. [A] The eye's are oblique and long... [B] On top of the mask you can see some kind of lobs and a kind of breathing hole [C], On [D] you can see a consolidation wich goes from top of the mask to the bottom of the mask. And at [E] iyou can see some strangly formed attachments, possibly to attach some technical divices..

The mask and skull

Lets see of the proportions of the mask are equal to the skull.

If we put the helmet over the skull in picture 13 /14 and 15. we see that the lobs on the mask fits the lobs on the skull.

The eye's of the mask are on the same location as the eyesockets of the skull.

16 In detail we can see how effective the upper part of the helmet is fitting to the lobs on the forehead of the skull.

18 You can say that if i put all this in a computer and fix it than you can make everyone believe everything you want, but to my opinion that is no science, no clearity of thought, and not making use of logic common sence. The proportional measurements of the different parts on skull and mask are equal . This can't be discribed to coincidence, my clearity of thougt says:”Belongs together” and “it is created to protect the face.”

17 and 18

The middle part of the helmet has the location of the eye's and it is clear to see that the eye's were layered in a round socket, but the eye lids created the look of a chinese like chink eye, the mask follows the natural curve of the outer appearance of the eye.

These masks could be interpreted as ritual, but i think that they truly were to protect the face in battle, and to scare the opponent, it say's in pure logic to me: “protection during fight and scare”. Also there is one figure from the ancient Moche culture which tells about the Bird warrior.

We now had studied the skull-clayfigure and the skull - mask, lets now see how the mask and clay figure relate to eachother.

The mask and clay figure

Picture http://marsnews.de/

If we take the clayfigure,....

And first put the helmet in a shiny fashion on the face, than we see that the eye's of the helmet, are a perfect match for the eye's on the clayfigure.

Here the complete mask where it is clear that it gives protection to the complete face.

Proportionally the different ratio's of the different figure's taken from different website's , do match.

Conclusion: We can conclude that the masks belong to these creature's, and that they have lived here on Earth for quite some time.

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In the following pages we call these creature's Annunaki * ( this means about the following: “They who came from the heavens to the Earth” ore something in that fashion.)

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