In the course of time devolution can be seen, meaning the image's are copied, information is lost, and the original message is distorted.

If you start from the pre flood image's , meaning more that 30.000 years ago, than you can see the devolution of the image,s getting more fuzzier towards our own time. It is my opinion that only explorers with a very open mind, can detect the origins of our spiecies, and combine the different picture's of the devellopment and origins of our human spiecies, towards our time 2014 AD and further into the future.

These discoveries are important for our human spiecies, in order to become a completely independent cosmic spiecies, that can take its rightful place among the other race's of cosmic spiecies, that are living on other planets right now! .,... If you don't agree with my point of view, than you have a lot of study to do.

It means only that your mind is full of the “propaganda shit” that all of the Earthly-world governments are pressing on you through their regulair media channels.

[ Free-floating dot com - sparkling your mind with knowledge ] as many others do.

In a picture ( tells more than 1000 words ) it is as follows..


The ANNUNAKI, - Easter Island bird warrior legends, - Byblos and EGYPT.

The ANNUNAKI in Peru and ASIA.

Technology in ancient time's

More will follow soon.