The Moche lived in the North of todays Peru. ( pics used under fair use copyrights ) from “Zonen van de zon &dochters van de maan De Erfenis van de Inca's” I can translate this now 2nd of aug 2015 with “ The inherritage of the Nibiruans” oftewel“ de erfenis van de Nibiruanen”.

The Moche culture, brings us clues to what Michael Tellinger has discovered, to me it is clear, for you more information will follow later.

These piramids from the ancient Moche are still today 2014 dated about 1100 AD. I seriously doubt that these ancient structures are from about 1100AD.

These ruins shows erosion from water pooring top down, this give's me clues to when these structure's were built, namely before the great flood, ore before the end of the last iceage. Meaning before 12.500 BC

What is the most obvious karakter of these pyramids... It is the erosion, what kind of erosion can we make of it,

well if you observe more closely,...

You can see that there is erosion from the top to the bottom, this kind of erosion appears when water from rain is comin down for a long time.

Has it been raining that long between 1100 AD and 2014 AD ?......... No These structures are in a desert for a long time. So when did this erosion from rainfall occur..? When was there a period on Earth that had cataclismic rainfall all over the planet? It was when the ice from the Ice age suddently melted, and it was from that time that the legends of the flood took shape in our minds. So to my knowledge these pyramid structures are from before the great flood. Before 12.500 BC

This is erosion of water on a hill of sand. 2014

More about the ice-age later