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The Ancient Maya and the deformed skull mystery.

In many pictures of ancient Maya you can also see that the head is long shaped.

Lets look at some facial features.

Here a detail of the nose that is running on the forehead.

Notice thatthe eye's have somewhat asian look.

Also the distinct caracters of the ancient Maya, only here the head is less higher and less longer in shape.

Another image this time in Terracotta. The long head is wrapped with some sort of tulband.

Here the nose is also running to the forehead, in the book mentioned as “ Beauty ideal from the Maya”

The book from Henri Stierlin, speaks of an Expressionistic, Artistic and Beauty ideal caracter of the nasal features.

To me this is typical thinking of our western culture.

I think that this is the actual representation of the nasal caracters and facial features of those persons.

Here the nose is more curved and not in one line anymore.

To see the nasal features as some Beauty ideal ore with an artistic view is lazy and has nothing to do with the Maya Culture.

Just see what is and compare to other facial features.

Here a Maya warrior. There is a distinct long forehead you can see.

I put this scull for a reference.

Source of pictures above Henri Stierlin (Maya's) Taschenbuchen 1997

But the skull has a forehead which is too long, ( see this in the face of Evolution)

The skull patterns could change due to evolution of these people/ ore devolution of this spieces

This is another skull that is much smaller than the previous one but still the forehead is a bit different.

Evolution from crossing with other spieces ( ore devolution of the original spieces )

Maya Descendents of the GODS.

On the left there are the spieces with the high foreheads, The picture in the middle is a crossing between. The right figure is a later generation.

Middle picture taken from BBC discovery series “In the pathway's of the gods.