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Exo planetarian contact, Alien Contact with Earth.

Friendly cosmic message Hello to you out there, this is us calling back.

In 1974 Carl Sagan put together a message in a binary code, now in 2010 this code has been dicifered by an exoplanetarian race, and ET phoned back by making a message with the same binary code in .... Cropcircles. The message giving their specifications of their world, it is a friendly COSMIC HELLO TO YOU THEIR!!! on your planet Earth.

Our main home planet is the 5th of our solar system but we also live on the 4th and 3th planet. Thay have 3 DNA Strands more info on

CROPCIRCLES in the UK 2001

Only the US government, NASA included doesn't wan't to share this little piece of friendliy and positive information with us.

This is an other story you can read on New World Order,Earth a police state...

This spieces also warned us abut the false god's meaning the aliens who has abducted people since the 1950ties.

These aliens ore exo-planetarians are pictured halfway in the dark, meaning they like the dark side of life.

These alien's depicted here are the bad guy's, More info soon about the dicifering of the digital code on the disc.

Julian Assange wanted to disclose UFO Material on his wikileak, and was arrested for Sexual Abuse, I wonder ....

The Military has choosen the wrong side and made a bet with alien grey's that's going wrong for all mankind.! Meaning that the US has to go to war with itself, meaning a global war with HAARP technology as a massive distructive weapon against all of humanity,

And they believe that to thin out the human race is better than letting the truth out, meaning the human race evolving into a cosmic race.

Why, becouse than we can evolve to a higher cosmic standard of living with the Earth, and living with long term goals in stead of living with very short term goals under a treat of self destruction.

Of course to you this sounds like SCI-FI.