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New World Order What is it ? / What kind of science do we use, , Haarp, RF ( radio Frequency )CHIP, is there a ( silent war going on?)

The NWO is a narrow view concept of mankind ( mainly only materialistic ) by the few people that have the absolute power in this world.

What is a New World Order.

President Obama speaks of it, former presidents bush Sr and Jr, spoke of it, and the news papers do not speak of it.

In the Netherlands there is no newspaper that speaks about New World Order thar President Obama is talking about.

What is it?? , Well if you read between the line's carefully you can figure it out.( i can put it in one sentence)

The New World Order is a global world economic system where Super kapitalism is combined with Super communism.

From this one sentence you can make out that there are ore will be a few major global companies, who direct the foodstream, farmaceutics and health, Information and technology, and many other things in our live's.

At this moment there are 3 known superstructure's in the world,

The North American Union "NAU"( Canada , United States of America, and Mexico ) with a new currency called Aimero.

The European Union, "EU"( all European countries ) with the currency Euro.

The African Union "AU " no known curreny to my knowledge

Central Asian Union will be the beginning of a major Asian Union.

What kind of science do we use?

The science is based upon the discoveries on quantumphysics, matter is a form of vibration, and can be influenced by vibration.

This science is used in the H.A.A.R.P technology, were the US experiments with V L F, very low vrequencies ( 1 hz to 18 hz )

and V H F, very high frequensies. Those frequensies are radiowave frequensies, that have an effect on the Earths atmosphere, ore the human mind.

There are chips being devellopped "verichip " that are called RFID CHIP, RF stands for Radio Frequency, ID stands for Identification.

It is the radio frequency chip technology that is now used in our passports, and in our OVChip.

In the near future these chips will be implanted in humans, this will be done by freechoice ore we will be forced to be chipped by our governments.

These are recent developments, the main question is, why?? and how does this new world relate to exoplanetary worlds and exo intelligence.

( meaning life on other planets )

Is there a war going on?

To my knowledge yes, this war is World war III. It is a war much different than any other war, the weapons are much different than any other weapons and never used before. I am talking about using HAARP as a weapon. With very low frequensies you can create earthquackes, if you bombard a certan region of the Earth, say a region near the Japan oceanic plate, with very low frequencies, that part is going to shake, cousing an underwater Earthquacke, with a massive tsunami, This is what happened in Japan March 2011.it is a very conveniant weapon becouse you just say, it is the Earth that is shaking, and you can sell the idea of wheather change perfectly to the world were in reality it is caused by HAARP Technology.

Low level Radio wave ( blue ) is heatingup the ionosphere(white spiral).

This technology could also have existed in the ancient time's and carved in rocks by the ancient people as circulair spirals.

As it was in the beginning so shal it be in the end, In the beginning there were 4 human races, the Red , The Black, The White and The Yellow. In the end there will be 4 major economic state's The North American Union ( currency Aimero ) * {RED race},The European Union ( EURO ){White race}, the African Union{ Black race}, and soon the Asian Union.{Yellow race}........Also the United states wants to unite all these races in a global one Human Economic Race.They only can create this by creating upheaval and chaos.

The start was 9-11 2001 created by the US. Today 25th of may 2011 it is no coincidence that Straus Kahn was arrested in NY, when he was needed to balance the crisis in Europe with Greece. The small group ( powers that be) don't want stability in the financial economic structure of Europe.

This what i publish seems to be completely out of this world, but it is the harsh reality. Ask yourself why there are so many stimuly fired upon you, it keeps you away from what tey are doing.

The Big Question is, how does this relate to our cosmic integration?? with our exoplanetarian living neighbours ??? Life outside our solarsystem is now called exopolitics.

This seems like SCI FI to you,... of course, understandable.... get your own info now the internet is still free.