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Michael Tellinger lezing Ancient African advanced technologies here.

Many mysteries are explainable, if you have an open mind and your mind is not clouded and troubled with centuries of judgements of how we should see our world, than you can start to see what is.

Einstein pointed out:” see with the mind of a child, the beginners attitude”.

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Ancestors, man and future wich way do we go, back to extinction ore foreward to cosmic reunion.

Man on a crossroad in time 2009.

Short history of my interest.

I started to get interest in mysteries of my time when i was about 12 jears old and got some books in my hand about mysteries unsolved.

I was fascinated by the stories and dreamed away about ancient time's.

Today it is more becoming my work, as my interests have grown and research is combined with musical projects.

As it is today the year of christ 2007 i find that many aspects of mysteries are about, us not untherstanding what is there in front of us.

As i surf the internet, and observe more closely the details in the pictures and texts that i find, an image is forming in my mind about our ancient history.

There are many pieces that i am working on putting together in a new light with clearity of logic thought.

I hope to make logic connections between many things we do not completely understand ore slowly beginning to understand.

My results will be on this website and hopefully one day in the form of a book for all that are mystified of our ancient history.

The questions i have are

Why has science no answers for this. Why has science put all those evidence aside.Why is science not investigating this.

These questions are important becouse of the dogma that science provides and that we are taking for absolute truth, is withelding us from growing to a more cosmic perspective.

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The more i studie objects on Mars,and ancient archeology the more questions raises in my mind.

How can an intelligent form of life be so ignorant.

How is it possible that the most bright scientists do not have answers about these things.

What has science to offer us if we only live in a short term world with short term thinking.

Luckily scarce information is leaking out , read it well, take your own investigation and make up your own mind.!

If you see trhough the mud that clutters even the internet, than you can discover your new frontier.

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