This page is my research page on the mystery of the elongated skulls, My work is now 2013 in the proces of being publiced on the internet, first in Dutch, later in English. ( translation in prograss here )

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Puzzle parts 1 Ancient Skulls and clay figures.

Skull deformations found worldwide.

As i surfed over the Nazca plane i found these pictures of skull deformations in a museum in Ica

on the website of world

Copyright by Gilbert de Jong.

Our ideas of skull deformation date's to my knowleddge back to 1850s

There were groups of indians who deliberately created flat heads.

Source Mysteries of the world book

The discovery of these indians in 1850 created the nowadays believe that all the skulls are deformed, I do not share that belief ore opinion.

I see what is, just some strange looking skulls.

If i understand Nature correctly than in nature the male figures are often more pronounced than female figure's

To my knowledge the left and right skulls represent the male and the middle skull the female.

The male skulls have a more stronger forehead, and the middle skull is smaller in hight with a less pronounced upper portion of the head.

According to the story that goes( see below ), there were no female,s with the group,

the middle skull can also be from a jonger male.

But i can let the possibility open that there were some female but not enough for the whole group.

The form of the skulls reminded me about an other picture that i found on an other website doing research for the Babylon CD project.

Pictures of ancient clay figures from Ubaid, Sumeria.

Series of figures found in Ubeid Sumeria. Dated 5000 / 4500 BC

Source Great compiled by dee finney

Queen and King ?

Source Unknown.

Male in more detail

Female with child

Source Doorman

In these figures you see that they have strange looking heads.

You can discribe that they have a hat ore a strange kind of heardress.Also the possibility exists that those figures are accurate and that the form of their head is also accurate.

As i was looking in my archive i found from the website of Holger Isenberg this picture from Ubeid Sumeria. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Source Mask Photo

Holger Isenberg

As i studied my archives and give it some of my clearity of thought a picture began to emerge.

I started to combine different picture's.

I kept in mind the right proportions of the head,

and I kept also in mind that our nose is created from cartilage and that there is a similair hole in our skull where our nose is.

You can say that if I put all this in a computer and fix it than you can make everyone believe

everything you want, but to my opinion that is no science, no clearity of thought, and not making use of logic common sence.

The proportional measurements of the different parts on skull and mask are equal .

This can't be discribed to coincidence,

my clearity of thougt says:”Belongs together” and “it is created to protect the face.”

In detail you see here how very effectively the upper part of this helmet fits the lobes on the forehead.

The middle part of the helmet has the location of the eye's and it is clear to see that the eye's were layered in a round soccet, but the eye lids created the look of a chinese like chink eye, the mask follows the natural curve of the outer appearance of the eye.

These masks could be interpreted as ritual,

but i think that they truly were to protect the face in battle, and to scare the opponent.

Why do i think that.The history of the world is filled with war, and even if i put my clearity of thought on this subject on the ancient one's, it say's in pure logic to me, protection during fight and scare. Also there is one figure from the ancient Moche culture which tells about the Bird warrior.

source: Book sons of the sun doughters of the moon

Also where i look on the internet, everyone is talking about skull deformation, I think that i am the only one who is saying, These skulls were not deformed during childgrowt, but are the actual form of these persons. What is the feeling i get when i see this.... I feel some unexplainable fear, fear of the unknown, fear maybe from my ancient brain ore from some ancient dna string.

Who were these people

Go to the world website to read the whole story.

This story make's sence if these were the first arivals from a group sailors that crossed the ocean in rafts like this one on the left, created by Thor Heyerdahl. Ore they didn't came with these boats, but came originally with flying aircrafts.

The story recorded from the native,s on the World mysteries website speaks of an arival of giants from over the sea, ( please keep in mind that the native,s could be much smaller people than the average European. Compare a normal European with a normal Peruvian man in 2007 )These giants were very big,but their total body was all in good proportion,They had eyes as large as small plates, enormuos heads with hair to their shoulders and they had no beards.

They didn't dress ore only wore some animal skin's, and it is said that the group had no women.

<<<<<< I find this discription is acurat if you see the clay figures, almost bare naked, with scarce clothing.

In the original story is told about Giants that were so big that some of the natives came only to their knees.

relief from king Narmer from 1st dynasty.Book CW Ceram, “Goden Graven en Geleerden.”

This picture shows what the story is telling, a giant figure and some different size other people, some of them do not come higher than the knees of the giant. This relief shows the accuracy of the original text on

The natives tell of the people comming in reed rafts as big as giant ships.

The arrival over sea is in my opinion correct if those people came from Sumeria where the clay figures were found. I have to verify if the ancient sumerians had ships like the one that Thor Heyerdahl created, but i know from studie,s that they had ships and there were trade routes over sea.

But there are also myths abiout ancient flying aircrafts, this needs further investigation.

Now that i am working my way through my archive

i'v found another picture that links to people with strange heads.

It are the ancient Egyptians.

You see on the picture that i put in the female with the child in the arms.This figure might be the forefather of the figures on the Egyptian plate. After many generations the lifeform will slowly loose its original form in adaptation to whatever natural proces.

As you see on the picture from Akhnathon with childs, the heads of the children are long shaped, and the heads of the older ones have the crowns of Egypt.

The heads of the children look like the heads of the clay figures from Ubeid, and it is not likely to presume that the parents have different heads.

So the question remains, why are there no bones ore strange skull remains from these ancient Egypts?

Photo source,

As an artist i came upon the idea to create this figure and started with measurements.

Our skull is about the size of the lower part of the long skull, i printed the skull and created this figure.The ancient one apeared in my room

I can recall one science fiction series that have similair beings, the series from Gene Roddenberrie, Earth Final Conflict, ore EFC, the Tailons.

Masks in Africa, have simmilair features like the Ubeid mask.

Like the oblique eye's, and the relative small face.

Link with these skulls to the ANCIENT MAYA

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