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Anomalies on Mars

Picture below discovered by I.S.Keers on nov 3rd 2007 browsing MSS picture's from Mars Global surveyor.

Why are they called anomalies?

These images are not fitting in our nowaday's thinking patterns.

We simply do not believe that it is there, and our brain is making other pictures from these images.

We see what we want to see, and it is far too fantastic that these images are real, but if you have an open mind, and can muddle through our beliefs what should be and how we should see the world, than you can simply see what is.

Our brain is not making this up, these images are part of our lost ancient history that we are slowly beginning to rediscover, like awakening from a long deep sleep. First all is fuzzy and has no meaning, later the images become more clear and we start to see details, later we start to remeber and start to put all things in perspective.

In the crater you can see some figure. (Picture Nasa)

First a picture with no anomalies.

Picture Nasa, This is a picture with no anomalies, but what do we see?

For most people and Nasa the dark places are just dark sand, but is that really dark sand?

To me the picture shows the remains of water ore water bassins on mars, below is why i think this is the case.

If you observe closely, there are some parts of the dark sand that are lighter colored, and those colours seem to fade into the black.

There are more questions about this picture, the dark spots and the erosion patterns.

For all the answers we must look to nature on earth.

I went to mother nature and took some pictures of sand that is going under water.

Here on the right the sand is going in the water, in the above side of the picture you can see some faint light tone's in the dark of the water.

<...........Picture i took from sand that is fading ..............into the water.

Now a picture with anomalies that i observed and studied carefully.

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