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Anomalies on Mars

Now a picture with anomalies that i observed and studied carefully.

(Picture NASA )

This is defenite an anomaly, ore are these just natural formations( as some young folks would like to call this on the internet)

What do we see ( birdsview )

A black and white picture with some more white features in the lower right,

there are strong diagonal lines in the picture.

More closely observation

There are round and rectangulair features and some features have some pyramid like look.

There are lines on the dark grey aerea's that look like wrinkles.

Lets make a study of this picture.

At first we put lines around the features, the lines are not correct but help us to understand the features better.

I put lines on shadow patterns, lines on light patterns to help me understand what it is that i see.

Now i put some numbers in it.

Note that the lines i put in the picture are not correct.

Lets take number B the middle anomaly.

We see that the line's i drew were not correct, there is some kind of rectengulair dark shape,

So we make some new lines.

It does not make the picture more clear, but line the shadows and features.

Number B

To understand what i saw i went to features from mother earth, and as i have studied ancient site,s in the past i have a good reverence for what it might represent.

First i created a clay model from the Nasa picture's.

I took Fuzzy picture's to see

how it would appear on the picture.

I began to put things together.

After that i searched my books for information and i found some warrior temple that has feature's very near to this number B.

I created another picture from my clay model.

As i started to comlete the picture for this anomaly B, it became more clear to me that it is defenitive a building , and that it is not just a natural pile of rocks, ore a natural formation.

Also becouse of erosion and marsian dust storms, there is a lot of sand blown up in and around the buildings.

The sand soften the features in a natural way, and make recognicion of what we see more difficult.

We would like to see the sphinks, a tiger, a lion, ore other imaginary egyptian like objects.

It is very easy to be decieved by our eye's, and it take,s skill to observe without our beliefs of how things should be.

Sand marks between buildings were the wind blows.

Nr 2 more closeup, (Nasa)

Below clay model

More detail study sand dune's in clay

Clay model shadows

And below an art picture

Pictures NASA and ESA

The City on Mars was discovered by( name will be here later.

Film on Youtube created by Sven Hansen

Shows possibilities of what we see.

Many Aspects from the city on mars i see reflected in the ancient maya, cities.

Like the balcourt, that is important in every maya city.

Covered by the sands of mars it can have a very different look.

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