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Its not altermative its just very logic using logic common sence.

A leap into our pre history, trying to understand what our ancestors withnessed.

And how do we have to interpret these figures listed as sjamans, giants ore whatever.

How to make a chronology.

First lets take another point of vieuw and see how the Pyramids in Egypt were built.

The Pyramids that were built on the Gyza plateau are believed to be the oldest, and strangely pyramids that were build later were not as good as the first ones, So it seems that the best way to follow the prehistoric pictures is that the most clear and vivid pictures with many details are the oldest.And as time progressed forewards the pictures and stories became less clear, almost like it faints away.

You have probably taken an experiment with a group of people were you have to whisper a message in the ear,

after passing many ears the original message is not recognizable anymore.

This is just something like that.

From one ore more blueprints that were forgotten but remained in oral stories told and pictures drawn on rock,

remained today al we know now as myth's, saga's and legends together with geoglyphs prehistoric petroglyphs.

Learning many things all over again. Lets put things together, what do we find.f rom left to right ------------------>

part of the original foto fromCopyright © Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester. Part of his larger photo used here.

Maya rockart Quirigua

Taschen buchen, picture Anne and Henri Stierlin

An interpretation


Another interpretation

Interpretation from interpretation ore oral traditions

Other more prints.

California USA

Stele dated 805AD.

Quirigua The book speaks of a decoration in light relief

Masked Figure. Sahara. Algeria. Archaic style.
8000-6000 BCE pigment on stone

Tassilli Africa


Nevada USA

Italy Val Camonica

White sjamam Texas VINAMA

What do these pictures tell you?

We come to that question later. Lets take the most vivid picture

On the left, clouds from start are pushed sidewards on the ground.

Picture on the most left looks like a spaceship that is in its launch.

What is the basis for that assumption. see with the beginners attitude.

This is the lower part of the picture

I see, something of a propolsion system, and jetstreams coming from them,

Represented in stone the jetstreams can also be misinterpret as bird-fethers

The jetstreams have a force downward and when the craft is still on the ground it pushes the jetstream sidewards.

( The birdfeather like streams could be the basis for the myth of the feathered snake)

Here is the middle section without the smoke.( ore bird feathers)

I see many features that i don't recognise and have no explanation for what it represents in this detail cut from the original photo.

This is the upper section where the king has its seat.

Here are also many details that i don't know what it should represent in this detail cut.On the right side i have left some steam jets comming from the craft, i think these are later represented as antenna's in other pictures.

Also if you zoom in on the details, the complete picture is lost, if only the top section had survived the time than i assume that this is a king in his house.

The complete picture tells me otherwise.( its the same with our history, we only see tiny parts of the whole picture.)

Today i am reasembling the whole picture like a dinosaur dig from jurrassic times, Al these pictures seems very modern don't you think?

Here the lower section is visible that is rising above the upper section from the original picture, it shows the lower section with the perspective that occurs if an object is above you.

On the right the object is at eye level.

The original picture is drawn in 1923 from the ancient indian texts about vimana,s.

To my opinion the wings are representations of the upward trust coming from the boosters.

We have added new text on this picture like trust exhoust and side booster Acording to many people there are wings drown onthis picture, i do not think that the wings represent wings but something else. We created a more visual picture on the left.

Lets look at another picture.

Picture from the stoneage California. USA

On the middle section we see something that look like two stabalisor rockets.

Here we see the lower section in a more stoneage mind setting.

To me this represents the smoke coming out of the jets.

It is like learning to read the picture and see with the mind of a child, the beginners attitude from


If you look closely you see some round like hole on the bottom side of the craft.

These drwaings were made by people who were less advanced but could clearly draw what they saw without nessecary understanding it.

In the original picture in the rock there is only one propulsin rocket on the left side, the other one is drawn seperately.

This picture has similair features.

The lower part with propulsion

jetstream to the lower right.

I think that the whole picture should be something like this.

But the maker of this picture was disturbed and/ore maybe another person did the rest and drew the second propulsion rocket apart from the craft.( so in our terms a drawing error)

In this picture above i can see also some form of a bow above the craft. This bow devellopped as time passed in other drawings as well.

In that time, stories were told from generation top gereration, and they told about what was beyond description.

As time passed the story changed elements were changed and gradually different pictures were created.

The main question is, why is this information never combined and why is it not part of our global history in our history books.

A connection between Ancient Egypt, Horus and 2008 America.

The Eagle represents the birdman ore

Bird man Alien.

These were the first rulers with two faces.

One face nice and caring, the other face agresssive,

and ment for warfare.

These ancient warrs are still being fought by our covernments, just look at the emblemas,and signs all the governments have.

A new World order? I don,t think so, its just a very old one meant to rule the world in my opinion.

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