Info about New technologies. , On this page are links to youtube, these films tell a story of our near future.

UFO's // Government //technologies Haarp /Verychip//

28 nov 2009 Aliens, Government and Us. (John Lear) Also 15 nov 2008

Insight in what was going on.

27 apr 2009 See First Half /speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America, and eventually the world.

Irak Oorlog 2004

14 okt 2007 Jim Marrs about alien ancient technology in Irak ( war 2004 ) Jim Marrs-Red Ice Creations Radio-01

How the New World Order runs the TV, Cinema

3 jan 2008 How the tv is used - FOX News Whistle blowers.

14 okt 2007 Jim Marrs-Red Ice Creations Radio-01 part 2

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