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Meet the Free Floating Team

Charles Diver – Founder and CEO Charles Diver is the visionary behind Free Floating. With a lifelong passion for swimming and poolside enjoyment, Charles founded the company to share his love for pools with a broader audience. His leadership and dedication drive the company’s mission to provide top-quality information and inspiration for pool enthusiasts.

Jules Coral – Content Director Jules Coral oversees all content creation at Free Floating. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the swimming pool industry, Jules ensures that our articles, guides, and resources are informative, engaging, and up-to-date. Her creative flair brings the joy of poolside living to life on our website.

Ralf Splash — Expert Writer Ralf Splash is the expert writer at Free Floating. With a talent for crafting engaging and insightful content, Ralf covers a wide range of topics related to swimming pools and poolside activities. His writing not only informs but also inspires readers to make the most of their pool experiences.

Rose Blue – Community Manager Rose Blue is the heart of our community at Free Floating. She manages our social media channels, engages with our audience, and fosters a welcoming environment for pool lovers to connect and share their experiences. Rose’s enthusiasm and interpersonal skills help build a vibrant and interactive community around our brand.


Charles Diver

  • Role: Founder and CEO
  • Focus: Leadership, Vision, Strategic Planning
  • Background: Charles’s deep-rooted passion for swimming and poolside activities inspired him to create Free Floating. His leadership skills and commitment to the company’s mission drive its growth and success.

Jules Coral

  • Role: Content Director
  • Focus: Content Creation, Editorial Oversight, Industry Insights
  • Background: With extensive experience in content development and a strong understanding of the swimming pool industry, Jules ensures our content is both informative and captivating, bringing poolside living to our readers.

Ralf Splash

  • Role: Expert Writer
  • Focus: Engaging Content, Informative Articles, Inspirational Writing
  • Background: Ralf’s talent for writing shines through in his engaging and insightful articles on swimming pools and poolside activities. His expertise ensures our readers are well-informed and inspired to enjoy their pool experiences to the fullest.

Rose Blue

  • Role: Community Manager
  • Focus: Social Media Engagement, Audience Interaction, Community Building
  • Background: Rose’s vibrant personality and excellent communication skills make her the perfect fit for managing our community. She connects with our audience, fostering a lively and supportive environment for all pool enthusiasts.

Together, this dynamic team drives Free Floating forward, making it the premier destination for all things related to swimming pools and poolside enjoyment